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With a proven track record of success and his own established business, JL Llavina has appeared in various interviews and articles as of late.

Exclusive Interviews

Over the last few years, JL was fortunate enough to appear in a few interviews where he discussed his career success. More specifically, Ideamensch conducted an exclusive entrepreneurial interview with Jose Luis Llavina. During this interview, Jose went in depth and spoke about his early life in Argentina. He emphasized on the civil unrest and harsh living conditions there. In addition, JL made a brief mention as to how hard he had to work just to save enough money to come to the US. At which point, he also had to work his way up and start his own business. Last but not least, recommended a few books for people to read that will not only inspire them, but also help them build stronger relationships with those around us.

Feature Articles

Aside from the interview appearances he made, JL Llavina was also fortunate enough to be guest starred in a few articles. In these articles, he spoke about his devotion to religion and how much of an impact it has had on his life. Moreover, he expressed his opinions on the hardship of starting one’s business and contributed tips and tricks of his own. Last but not least, as an expert on mortgages and loans, he gave some great advice to first-time borrowers.

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JL Llavina as Seen in the Media


JL Llavina Describes Lending, Private Loans, and Advice for First-Time Borrowers | Prague Post

Jose Luis Llavina is the founder of American Loans and a long-term finance expert. He has worked with loans for over two decades. He was born in Argentina and immigrated to the United States by coming to Utah to attend College at Brigham Young University. This is where he started doing various jobs to make ends…

JL Llavina on the Merits of Banks Versus Private Lenders

Getting the funds to start a business is often difficult absent things like stellar credit, a high-paying job, or multiple guarantors. Due to this, there are a lot of people who would rather spend time saving up over borrowing it elsewhere.

JL Llavina – Operations Manager for American Loans and Mortgages

Be more patient with those around you. Have your team respect you and love you because you love and respect them. JL Llavina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina 60 years when Argentina was going through political changes.

Jose Luis Llavina – Medium

Read writing from Jose Luis Llavina on Medium. Operations Manager for American Loans & Mortgages. Every day, Jose Luis Llavina and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.