jose luis llavina pencils lined upOther than his business ventures and the time he spends with his family, Jose Luis Llavina takes joy in writing blogs occasionally. His platform of choice is Medium, a popular blog sharing website. More specifically, users on Medium can blog about anything. From politics, to fashion, to philosophy, a multitude of topics have been explored on the platform. For JL, he has blogged extensively about loaning and mortgages. In particular, he emphasizes on a few critical things one needs to know before getting a loan. As a business owner and an expert on loaning & mortgages, he has seen first had the mistakes that people make when loaning for the first time.


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JL Llavina Highlights 5 Critical Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Loan

Navigating the lending landscape is a complex undertaking. Therefore, it is imperative that individuals perform the necessary research before making a significant financial decision. To help individuals find their bearings and further understand the lending process, JL Llavina, from Sandy, Utah -  whose firm specializes in providing private lending, commercial developments, and land acquisitions, takes the time to outline the following primary factors.